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Hi there,

I’m thrilled to hear that you’re interested in Mindset Mastery.

Since it’s a brand-new offer, I wanted to put this doc together to share the most important info about what we’ll be doing together, and then I’d be happy to answer any questions via email.

Here’s my goal:

In this 3-month live program, from Dec 2023 to Feb 2024 I’ll be working with a small group of individuals to provide a transformative and empowering experience for participants by exploring and leveraging their innate strengths and successes, fostering a positive mindset, and building resilience against mental health challenges.

This workshop is by invitation only for individuals familiar with Clinical Psychologist Asha Dullabh's work. Limited to a small group of participants, this exclusive worskhop aims to create a trusted small community of like-minded individuals seeking personal growth and enhanced mental well-being.

Here’s how it works, big picture:

How the Workshop Works:

This workshop is designed as an interactive online session via Zoom, and our sessions will be dynamic and engaging. Here's a brief overview of how each session will unfold:

Information Sharing:

  • I will provide valuable insights, strategies, and information based on my 19 years of experience in the field. These sessions aim to equip you with practical tools for mastering your mindset.


  • We understand the importance of breaks for reflection and relaxation. Take this time to stretch, grab a snack, and recharge for the upcoming activities.


  • Engage in meaningful activities designed to reinforce the concepts discussed. These activities are crafted to be insightful and promote self-discovery.

Group Discussion:

  • Participate in group discussions where you can share your thoughts, experiences, and insights. The power of collective wisdom often leads to deeper understanding and personal growth.

Question and Answer Session:

  • A dedicated time for questions and answers. Feel free to ask anything related to the workshop content or share your thoughts. Your participation is crucial to creating a supportive learning environment.

Ensuring Comfort and Confidentiality:

I understand that sharing in a group setting might be an initial challenge for some. Therefore, please know that you are welcome to remain anonymous by using only your first name or a pseudonym. If you prefer, you can keep your video off and communicate via the written chat until you feel comfortable sharing your video or audio.

Your comfort and confidentiality are paramount, and the main goal of this workshop is healing. We are here to support each other in a safe and judgment-free space.

As we commence this transformative journey, I encourage you to embrace the process and engage at your own pace. We are a community dedicated to growth and healing, and your unique presence adds value to our collective experience.

Let's make this workshop a space of positive transformation and empowerment!

Week 1. Normal vs Natural

Sun 03/12/2023

Description: This workshop session delves into the societal constructs of "normalcy" and explores the concept of what is truly natural for individuals. Participants will engage in discussions and activities to challenge societal expectations, embrace individual uniqueness, and redefine personal norms in the context of mental health and well-being.

Week 2. Love vs Fear

Sun 17/12/2023

Description: Focused on the emotional spectrum, this workshop session examines the impact of love and fear on mental health. Participants will explore how these emotions shape thoughts, behaviors, and relationships. Activities will include self-reflection exercises and discussions on cultivating love-based responses while managing fear-based reactions for improved mental well-being.

Week 3. Companion vs Parasite Energy

Sun 07/01/2024

Description: This workshop session explores the energy dynamics in interpersonal relationships. Participants will identify and differentiate between relationships that energize and uplift (companion energy) versus those that drain and hinder personal growth (parasite energy). Strategies for fostering positive connections and setting boundaries will be discussed.

Week 4. Shadow vs Light

Sun 21/01/2024

Description: Addressing the dichotomy within ourselves, this workshop session focuses on acknowledging and embracing both the shadow and light aspects of our personalities. Through activities such as journaling, group discussions, and visualization, participants will explore how understanding and integrating the shadow can lead to personal growth and a more balanced mental state.

Week 5. Joy vs Despair

Sun 04/02/2024

Description: Centered on emotional well-being, this workshop session examines the role of joy and despair in mental health. Participants will explore activities that cultivate joy, gratitude, and positive emotions while addressing strategies for coping with despair and negative emotions. The goal is to create a toolkit for emotional resilience.

Week 6. Stagnant vs Flow

Sun 18/02/2024

Description: Focused on the concept of personal growth, this workshop sesesion explores the dynamics of being stuck or stagnant versus experiencing flow and progress. Participants will engage in activities that identify areas of stagnation in their lives, set meaningful goals, and explore strategies for creating a state of flow, contributing to enhanced mental well-being.

These workshop themes aim to provide participants with a holistic understanding of various aspects of their lives, encouraging self-reflection and empowering them to make positive changes for better mental health and overall well-being.

Workshop Schedule

Here’s the tentative schedule (subject to change):

This program kicks off on Sunday Dec 3, 2023 and runs for 3 months until mid Feb 2024. This extended duration is intentionally designed to provide continuous support as we transition into the new year together. Our goal is to offer ongoing guidance and empowerment, fostering positive changes that extend beyond the workshop sessions. Each workshop session will be min 2 hours, max 3 hours per session. Time of session will be confirmed based on majority vote. Sessions will be recorded and made available for 7 days after the workshop session for you to review in case you miss it.

During that time, I’ll lead 6 workshops, which include a mix of slide-based lessons, authentic discussions, small-group breakouts, and designated co-working time to actually implement these strategies while we’re together.

Your well-being is my priority, and to underscore mycommitment, I am offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, for any reason, you find that the workshop does not meet your expectations, kindly email me at [email protected] by Thursday, Dec 18, 2023, and I will promptly issue a full refund, less any payment charges. Your satisfaction is paramount, and I am dedicated to ensuring you have a rewarding and transformative experience throughout this extended workshop journey.

Who Should Join:

This Could Be for You If...:

If you find yourself struggling with feelings of doubt, indecision, a lack of clarity, frustration, stagnation, anxiety, grief, or depression, this workshop will be a transformative experience for you. I understand the challenges many individuals are facing in these trying times, where emotions like feeling fear, guilt and shame are prevalent. If you are seeking a path towards success, positivity, healing, hope, and optimism, this workshop is tailored for you.

This workshop is by invitation only for individuals familiar with Clinical Psychologist Asha Dullabh's work. Limited to a small group of participants, this exclusive pilot project aims to create a trusted small community of like-minded individuals seeking personal growth and enhanced mental well-being.

Benefits of the Workshop:

Personal Transformation: Gain insights into your strengths and foster a positive mindset.

Community Support: Join a small, trusted community for ongoing support and connection.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from Asha Dullabh's expertise in clinical psychology and positive mental health practices.


"Participating in Asha's workshops has been a game-changer for my mental well-being. Her unique approach blends professional expertise with a deep understanding of individual needs."

"I feel more connected to myself and others after attending Asha's workshops. It's a safe space for genuine exploration and growth."

Why am I Offering This Unique Opportunity:

As a South African native, I, Asha Dullabh am committed to supporting my fellow South Africans on their journey to mental wellness. This exclusive offer is a gesture of loyalty and a way for me to give back to my trusted community.

Meet your Facilitator

I am Asha Dullabh, a highly trained and experienced holistic Clinical Psychologist, dedicating my career to helping individuals achieve balance and well-being in their lives. My focus is on treating the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. I employ a range of therapeutic techniques to address the underlying causes of mental and emotional distress. I am passionate about empowering my clients to make meaningful changes in their lives. I work collaboratively with them to develop personalized treatment plans that reflect their unique needs and goals. With my compassionate and supportive approach, I have helped countless individuals overcome challenges, heal from trauma, and achieve greater clarity, resilience, and fulfillment.

Workshop Theme Love vs Fear

Get a glimpse of the engaging conversation we will have on this topic covered in this workshop


Q: Where will the workshop be conducted, and how do I access it online?

A: The workshop will be conducted via the Zoom online platform. You will receive a secure link upon registration to join the sessions.

Q: What is the schedule for the workshop, and how long does each session last?

A: The workshop consists of six sessions, each lasting between 2 to 2.5 hours. Sessions are held on specific dates starting Dec 2023 till Feb 2024. The schedule will be provided in advance.

Q: How much time commitment is required for the workshop?

A: To gain the most benefit, we recommend dedicating time not only to the live sessions but also for personal reflection and engagement in the provided activities. Your commitment to the workshop will significantly enhance your experience.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with the workshop?

A: We are confident that you will find value in this workshop. However, if, after the first session, you believe it's not the right fit for you, I offer a full refund.

Q: Will there be a specialist or expert presenting during the workshop?

A: Yes, in addition to my expertise as a Clinical Psychologist, there will be special guest sessions featuring experts offering unique insights on specific mind/body health topics.

Q: Can this workshop replace professional therapy?

A: This workshop is designed as a supportive space for learning, sharing, and personal growth. If you have specific mental health concerns, it is recommended to consult with your licensed therapist.

Q: Can I remain anonymous during the workshop?

A: Absolutely. Your comfort is my priority. You can use a pseudonym, keep your video off, and communicate via the written chat until you feel comfortable sharing more personally.

Q: Will sessions be recorded if I miss a session?

A: Yes, I understand that life can get busy. All workshop sessions will be recorded and made available for your convenience for up to 7 days after each workshop session. This way, you can catch up on any missed content at a time that suits you, ensuring you don't miss out on the valuable insights and discussions. Your journey to mindset mastery is designed to be flexible and accommodating.

Q: Is there a community or support system after the workshop ends?

A: Yes, I encourage ongoing connection. Participants will have access to a community platform to continue discussions, share experiences, and support each other beyond the workshop.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out, and we'll be happy to assist you on your journey to mindset mastery. Email [email protected]