The POWER of the "SHIP"

In the realm of human connections, the word "ship" often plays a significant role, albeit in different forms. While we often think of "ships" as the large vessels that sail the seas, the endings of words like "relationship," "partnership," "friendship," "leadership," "companionship," "fellowship," "worship," "scholarship," and "stewardship" all share the common suffix "ship." It's a linguistic curiosity that draws a striking parallel between the dynamics of human interactions and the journey of a ship.

The Relation-SHIP Course

Explore the profound metaphor of "SHIP" in the context of human relationships. Dive into the journey, destination, and the significance of company in various types of relationships, including friendship, partnership, leadership, and more. Gain insights and practical tools for enhancing the quality of your connections.

Course Format:

  • Live online sessions via a video conferencing platform.
  • Interactive discussions, group activities, and breakout sessions.
  • Q&A sessions to address participant questions and concerns.
  • Access to course materials, resources, and a private online community for continued learning and networking.
  • Small groups for enhanced learning, maximum 15 per course.

Facilitator: An experienced Clinical Psychologist with expertise in psychology, interpersonal relationships, and communication skills.

BONUS: Expert Guest Speakers for a Unique Learning Experience

Throughout the Relation-SHIP course, participants will have the extraordinary opportunity to gain valuable insights from a select group of special guest speakers. These experts, including sex therapists and communication specialists, will share their unique knowledge and wisdom, providing a wealth of diverse perspectives. Each special guest appearance comes with its own special offering, tailored to enhance your learning journey. It's a delightful surprise that awaits, adding a layer of curiosity and intrigue to the course, and ensuring that your experience is truly exceptional.

Duration: The course is designed to span over 6 weeks, with one session per week, each lasting 2 hours.

Investment: Full Investment - $750 - one time payment

Payment Plan: $250 interest free 3-month payment plan

Target Audience: Anyone, single or not, seeking to enhance their understanding of human relationships and improve the quality of their connections in various aspects of life.

This course structure provides a comprehensive exploration of the Relation SHIPS metaphor within the themes of journey, destination, and company, offering participants valuable insights and practical tools to navigate and enrich their relationships.

This course isn't just about relationships; it's about unlocking the secrets to harmonious, passionate, and awe-inspiring connections. Led by a seasoned clinical psychologist and renowned expert in the field, this course promises to be a life-changing voyage.

Why You Should Join the Waiting List:

Expert Guidance: You'll learn from a leading expert in clinical psychology, gaining insights and tools that are backed by years of experience and research.

Special Guest Appearances: When you enroll in the Relation-SHIP course, you'll enjoy the privilege of exclusive guest speakers, such as sex therapists and communication experts. What makes this bonus truly exceptional is that each guest will extend to every participant the opportunity for greater wellbeing. This might include discounted rates or even complimentary access to their online courses or personalized coaching sessions. It's an extraordinary benefit that not only enriches your understanding of relationships but also provides tangible opportunities for personal growth and improved mental wellness. Don't miss out on this unique chance to navigate your life's journey with enhanced support and insights.

Holistic Approach: This course delves into every aspect of relationships, from intimacy and playfulness to sexuality and curiosity, helping you achieve the ultimate experience of AWE.

Personal Growth: Get ready to explore your own potential, discover new depths in your relationships, and ignite a passion you never knew existed.

Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals on the same journey, where you can share experiences and support one another.

Discover the POWER of the "SHIP"

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The Journey

Week 1 - Setting Sail: Introduction to the course and the metaphor of the ship as a journey.

Week 2 - Voyage Planning: Goal setting and communication in relationships.

Week 3 - Charting Your Course: Defining individual and shared values and expectations.

Week 4 - Navigating Storms: Dealing with conflict, challenges, and adversity in relationships.

Week 5 - Smooth Sailing: Effective communication, trust-building, and problem-solving.

Week 6 - Course Corrections: Adaptation, growth, and flexibility in relationships.

The Destination

Week 1 - Port of Call: Defining relationship goals and what "success" means.

Week 2 - Treasure Mapping: Identifying shared dreams, aspirations, and long-term plans.

Week 3 - Anchoring: Commitment, stability, and building a strong foundation.

Week 4 - Exploration and Discovery: Keeping the relationship fresh and exciting.

Week 5 - Ports of Reflection: Assessing progress and personal growth within the relationship.

Week 6 - Harbor of Love: Sustaining love, intimacy, and emotional connection.

The Company

Week 1 - Choosing Your Crew: Selecting a compatible partner and compatibility factors.

Week 2 - Roles and Responsibilities: Understanding and negotiating relationship roles.

Week 3 - Navigating Together: The importance of teamwork and collaboration.

Week 4 - Crew Dynamics: Dealing with differences, conflicts, and power dynamics.

Week 5 - Crisis and Resolution: Handling crises and relationship breakdowns.

Week 6 - Celestial Navigation: Maintaining a shared sense of purpose and direction.

Your Relationship Course Captain

Asha Dullabh is a respected relationship expert, known for her expertise in helping individuals and couples cultivate healthy and meaningful connections. With 19 yrs experience in Clinical Psychology and extensive experience in private practice, she has gained a reputation for her empathetic approach to addressing a variety of relationship challenges.

Once a featured relationship expert on South Africa's top breakfast show, Asha shared her insights on a weekly basis for over 2 years with a wide-ranging audience, providing valuable guidance on matters of the heart. Her engaging and approachable style made her a trusted voice on the program, offering practical advice on topics such as communication, conflict resolution, and personal growth within relationships.

Today, Asha's impact extends globally as she works to help people worldwide understand the transformative power of the "SHIP" in relationships.


For Singles:

  • Embark on New Journeys: Learn how to set sail and navigate the early stages of relationships, providing essential skills for singles looking to meet new people.

For Couples:

  • Strengthen Your Partnership: Explore how to navigate the waters and adapt to change, helping couples deepen their connection and overcome challenges in their long-term commitment.

For Post-Divorce Individuals:

  • Rebuild and Set New Course: This course offers tools to help individuals recover from divorce, anchor down into new beginnings, and map their route for a fresh start in the relationship landscape.

For "Situationships":

  • Define and Navigate the Relationship: Address the complexities of "situationships" and guide participants in transforming uncertainty into a clear path forward, either toward commitment or new horizons.

For Anyone in Any Relationship:

  • Empower Your Relationships: Gain insights into effective communication, managing challenges, and understanding the dynamics of any relationship, whether romantic, familial, or professional.

Who This Course Is NOT For:

Ahoy there, matey! This course isn't for landlubbers who believe relationships are as predictable as the 'Ship' arriving on time! If you think the POWER OF SHIP stands for 'Pirates Often Win Every Romantic Battle,' this treasure map may not be your cup of grog. But for those ready to unlock the true POWER OF SHIP (Strength, Harmony, Intimacy, Partnership), come aboard the 'SS Relationship' for a voyage full of surprises and discoveries!

Are you ready to transform your relationships, nurture deeper connections, and embark on a journey to ultimate fulfillment?